Largest Oil Injury Verdict in ND History
Pipe Fall $9.4 Million, January 2020

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North Dakota Oilfield Lawsuits

Have you or your family member been
injured on a North Dakota oilfield?

You have the right to collect financial compensation.

Oil and gas companies have a legal duty to provide a safe and secure working environment for their employees. In general, an oilfield injury or death qualifies for compensation when an oil company, contractor, or third party’s negligence contributed to the injury in some way. Note that I say “contributed.” This means even if you yourself are partially at fault for your own injuries, you still deserve some level of financial compensation – as long as the company contributed significantly (50% or more) to the injuries [N.D. Cent. Code §32-03.2-02].

North Dakota oilfield injury cases are among the most difficult to win, requiring extensive knowledge of personal injury law, high-level investigative resources, and petrochemical and engineering expertise. Injured oilfield workers may have to go up against powerful, multi-million-dollar oil companies with deep pockets who can afford prominent legal teams willing to put up a serious fight to lessen their liability. Learn more about these lawsuits and how to work with a qualified attorney to maximize your compensation.

North Dakota Oilfield Lawsuits
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There is still much work to be done to improve safety in the oil and gas industry. Until then, numerous North Dakota workers and their families will suffer tragic losses due to workplace safety violations, improper training, flawed supervision, and other forms of company negligence. Injured parties and their families have a right to collect financial compensation for these losses, including medical expenses, lost wages, loss of future earning capacity, disability and disfigurement, pain and suffering, and wrongful death compensation. Knowing how to maximize this compensation is key.

A Reference Guide for Families and Victims
Involved in an Oilfield Injury

  • 1 Legal Rights of North
    Dakota Oilfield Workers
  • 2 Basics of North Dakota
    Personal Injury Law
  • 3 Steps to Filing an
    Oilfield Injury Claim

  • 4 How to Maximize your
    Financial Compensation